Momentum 2015 – English class (updated June 29th)

I. Vocabulary and general:

  1. With 1 given topic:

For example “Food”

+ Newsela -> search “Food” -> read

+ Google “Food words”

+ Ask and answer any related issue for speaking, then write down to collect ideas for writing.

+ Speaking with friends, classmates…

+ Go for listening with this topic

  1. Collocations:
  2. Vocab techniques:

– Connect two/ Flashcard/ Vocabulary four square

  1. Pronunciation:

Final sounds – Game: Lost in Asia (see page 10)

  1. Intonation (see page 15)

II. Speaking:

Speaking part 3+2 (see page 18)

III. Reading

IV. Listening

V. Writing:

  1. Writing part 1 (see page 16)

  1. Writing part 2

– Writing strategy (see page 8)

– Introdution (see page 15)


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