Complications – A surgeon’s notes on an imperfect science

The second book by one of my fav authors in medicine, and it did not disappoint me any little.”Medicine itself is an imperfect science” by very human surgeons who sometimes make mistakes, some small but some cost others’ life (and the life of surgeons who were wrong are just so struggled afterward). Should we replace them by advanced intelligent computers in diagnosis and making decisions? There are still a lot of pros and cons to consider. Sometimes, emotion brings luck in a very mysterious way, though. 

Medicine is not only about fixing human physical body but also about healing their pains, and surgeons are those who know how to do it like an artist.

Making decision to cut someone’s body on the surgery table is never simple. Whether the surgeon or the patient should decide by themselves? Whose this body, anyway?

Atul Gawande really know how to write a beautiful piece of notes for surgeons and non-surgeons also. “The possibilities and probabilities are all we have to work with in medicine, though. What we drawn to in this imperfect science, what we in fact covet in our way, is the alterable moment – the fragile but crystalline opportunity for one’s know-how, ability, or just gut instinct to change the course of another’s life for the better”.

Ps: I am so angry with my limited English and too little knowledge about surgery that I couldn’t understand 100% this amazing book. Instead, sometimes I just followed the stories and tried to feel it…


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