Photography in the name of hospital

Hospital itself, for me, is a kind of art, just like photography…

Bring photography to hospitals to help healing patients’ pain

They call it “healing art”. There are some separate research and articles writing about the power of art in general and photography in particular, to help improving the outcome of health care treatment for patients. Not yet any scientific systematic review on PubMed or something like that, but you can find a list of acceptable studies here and this, too. In advanced, I am also interested in a bigger spectrum of art application in healthcare environment written in this book by Henry Domke (now, it should be in my to-read list)


There are a NGOs (healing photo art) and a social enterprise (healing images) trying to bring nature photography to hospitals, helping patients reduce stress, enhancing positive emotion and thoughts.

One of Healing photo art projects at a hospital

Healing images at Geogretown Healthcare Center
I believe those 2 models will develop more. They also give me a will, too.

Use photography to tell stories from hospitals for understanding

Hospitals have pain, both sorrowed and happy one. The most popular “models” for hospital photography might be moms and their babies. There are so many photographers invest in the moment when a newborn say “hello” to his/her mom and dad. That’s amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is even a sub-project of WaterAid to visualize what women from different countries bring with them to the hospitals for giving a birth.

But not just that, telling a story from hospital isn’t an easy job. There are a lot of effort have been made to bring true stories behind a surgeon, in an operation room… Here is a personal collection “Hospital silence” from photographer, for me, is close to a feeling called “hospital feeling”

I literally hope story-telling photography can narrow the gap between patients and doctors, for everyone to understand what does it take to become a doctor, how they feel and how human they are (and to fix those misunderstanding/insult/stress from media toward doctors and hospitals). This is one of my most favorite photo of a surgeon (you can read full story here)

Zbigniew Religa after a 23 hour heart transplant, watching his patient’s vital sign. The nurse was too tired and taking a nap in the corner.
Not only photos, there is a program from Duke Univesity name “Documenting Medicine” to present everything inside out a hospital, too.

That’s not much but if you are interested or know something about photography and hospital, please share it with me (especially any project to bring photography to hospitals in Vietnam). This blog post initially started from my incomplete dream at night several days ago and I don’t know why, don’t remember in so many details about that dream. It might be about a black and white photography exhibition to tell hospital stories to everyone and I was there and I have some photos for the exhibition. Maybe because I started watching Grey’s Anatomy season 13 again, reading a book name Hospital (and it is so advanced for me), being so hungry for a job at a hospital (I have tried to “bomb” them by emails, phones and visits but no response yet, though), being addicted to and a documentary name “Human” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand recently…. Anyway, I decided to do a mini research and note down something so interesting above. Here we go…


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