In chaos

I have been working for a week so far, and things go well with me (I think so). “Well” doesn’t mean that every thing happened as I had expected before, it means just “well”. 

Working hour starts at 7am and some of us have to be there from 6am to receive patients’ prescription. I have been trying so hard to wake up at 5:30am to prepare lunch, have breakfast at home (save some money, too 🙂 ) and go to work. Hope it can be remained for long. My first week was just the simplest, most of the time for introduction. I am so lucky to have a classmate having worked there for 3 months and he is amazingly helpful. Spending sometimes reading documents and asking something, I still feel my progress was too slow, I really need to speed it up, very much. The job finishes at 4pm everyday but I stayed extra time to 5 or 6pm (the outpatients courts close at that time anyway), but it seems not really useful. “Most” of my colleagues are very nice and friendly (at first maybe, haha) and some are “tough”, I thinks, but those are the ones I can learn something interesting. Abt our boss, just an example, we have weekly department meeting on Tuesday and it was super awkwardly quiet and stress. I was like “what the hell is going on, you guys have just talked a lot before he comes in abt this problems :v”.

This morning, for some mysterious reasons, the outpatients area was overcrowded and upcoming prescriptions overloaded the system sometimes. Four staffs from inpatients department had been called down for help.

– I, for the first time, felt the stress of medical workers talking to sick patients submit their prescription with anger. No one among those patients thinks they can condescend others. You have to decide, upon the rule.

– Sreening precsriptions is the most difficult stage, it requires: system understanding (what kink of prescription, where it comes from, category of health insurance…), tech skill (not really, but there is always problem either with order machine, computer, printer, scanner and you are the one to fix them immediately because abt 30 patients are waiting ahead within 10 mins), clinical knowledge (it blows me with look-like-new name of medications, I am like brain-washed after approximate 8 months without reading clinical books, this is disaster definitely :v), mental strength (you have to be calm in chaos, I am not kidding, yah~, chaos. If not, it take 2 seconds to mis-match some pieces of medical paper, then the whole following process and others things go crazy and it might take another 20 mins to solve – 20 mins means abt 60 patients) and last but not least, communication skills (with your teammates, with doctors – via phone and I swear I cannot hear them clearly :v and start to stammer for a while and your patients, of course).

– There were at least 1 time, in the chaos of patients coming, I ask my self – does this job really can be the one in which I can be my best and learn the fast? It sounds ridiculous cuz I have exchanged many other suggestions for this and now start to ask that kind of question just in the first week :)) 

Everything seemed okay at 1pm and some of us could have lunch while others still worked continuously. At home at 7:30pm now, wanna hang out for some drinks, but do not know who I should ask, so just note down those things lol. Surfing my facebook, seeing so many of my classmates having their company trips and just ask: how much profit do those international pharmaceutical companies make a year? Do they really care about Vietnamese from health perspective, or medication consuming ability and financial profitibility? 

Slap at my face back to my reality, I should take a shower then finish the book “Bắt trẻ đồng xanh – khó hiểu tổ mẹ” :))

Pharmacy storehouse – where we have lunch and take a 20min-snap in super cold (20 Celcius degree, I think)
On shift

Saigon, 19th Jan 2016


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