Is that the chance?

I haven’t finished my trial-period of two months at the current position, and they are (and I am) considering to move me to another place. I am not going to analyze whether it is higher or lower than the current one. It is totally different, just different!

Can I call this a turning point decision? Is it right or wrong? Is it just the right time yet or not?Actually 1 month and 4 days working is just the beginning and I am about to drive on another routine, on which I have no background, no experience and even not much idea about what I am going to do as my job. Am I that crazy? Anyway, everything happens for a reason, right?

For almost a week recently, he (my big boss) has spent sometime to train me. I cannot deny that my mood (and confidence, also) was all on his face, you know, up and down. They give me another month as the trial period. It must be f*cking challenging and might be, stressful also. What if I fail to prove my ability to handle those things? Fired…. However, look on the bright side, if I take this, really TAKE IT as a chance, it can change the whole my career path. Yeah, I am serious!




2 thoughts on “Is that the chance?

  1. There were times when I was standing at the crossroad and felt lost in direction. It’s easy to say ‘just follow your passion’ but trust me most of us have false myths about what we’re passionate about. My two cents: try your best at whatever you’re doing and learn as much as you can. God has a plan for you. You’ll know when to leave when the time comes.

  2. Thank you sooo much for such a beautiful sharing chi oi. Hope things go well, at least until we have a chance to meet chi nhe 🙂 Bon voyage chi for your next trip heading to NZ 🙂

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