Attitude, that matters!


Back to the time when I was a second grade student, my mom decided to move me from the village class for workers’ children, to the primary school in downtown (very small town though) for better teachers and facilities (she thought). I had to go to school everyday with an uncle in our neighborhood because my dad was not usually at home (he was a farmer working on a very far away farm from our house, so he usually stayed for months there and visited mom and me once every one or two months), and my mom was a worker so she left home too early in the morning.

At my new school, maybe it was the first time to be considered as “out of the comfort zone”, my friends were so gooooodddd at everything. They could read the whole paragraph in English, while I couldn’t even distinguish “you” and “your” or figure it out why they write “nd” following number “2” instead of “th” as the rule I observed. It took me twice longer to solve a very simple math problem. Or I just couldn’t touch the shuttlecock more than twice. The one thing that I was good at was keep practicing. One of the most memorable images in my mind during that time was at 4 a.m, yeah it was super cold, while my mom was collecting some vegetables in our garden (to deliver to the market before she went to work, I will tell my mom’s story later), I  was practicing with the shuttlecock, just twice touch in a row, then it dropped to the land, then I picked it up and did again and again!…. And I guest that changed everything else! Mom said “Hard-working can help, if you are not that so smart” (In Vietnamese, Cần cù bù thông minh)

To the college, you know, by somehow, I made it to this “top” university, I can search my classmates’ name on google and read their profiles. My mom still said the same thing “Hard-working can help, if you not that smart”. I couldn’t deny that there were some subjects, I had fail or did not have good grade or made some mistakes. Finally I made it till the end with a good diploma (I was sure I am so lucky in my life, even sometimes I myself can’t believe! :D)

Now I am working at a hospital, at a very new position with no really related background (means no academic knowledge), no experience (100% fresh) and no before-hand relationship at work except one classmate in another department @@! Then my mom still said the same thing when I asked her what she thought about me now. Additionally, my mom and dad were soooooo supportive for me (or they usually say “You always do things you like with any price, so we’d better give support”, haha). The only thing I feel confident is that I can stay extra time after working hour, I can read extra document, do everything in my ability to get things done (maybe with some mistake several first time @@). Mom is always right, you know! 🙂

Doing your favourite job doesn’t mean you won’t be stress! I get some diagnosis as insufficient sleep, abnormal hormone due to stress (suspected for my skin problem *so sad*) ….  Okay, let’s stay a little more healthy and still “hard-working cuz I might not that smart” style! 🙂

Love you, mom


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