Tàolao#2 Is it that “easy”?

1. They used to be classmate but have never talked to each other. They both studied in France but not the same time. She has just been back home and started working, with several not happy ending… Him, too. Then they met 6 months ago (introduced by some friends), and now, are planning for their wedding in 3 months.

2. I was back to my room (hotel room) at 2am, knocked the door and a strange guy opened the door. My two roommates with two guys had just come back from the bar. One of them was seriously drunk and the rest, I guessed somehow closed to be drunk. Were they sad about something? I didn’t know. I just grabbed my stuffs, left the room while having no idea about where I was going to sleep. I needed to wake up at 7:00, run for a while cuz it had been a week since my last run, and I was dizzy without beer.

3. She is on her solo travel. He calls and tells her they are going to break up.

4. They met during the time we were in the US. Three weeks after, we knew they were together. He is trained in the army now and has just finished his master. She is running a refugee helping project and gonna take her master, in his country. They are happy and I like this couple a lot.

It is not really necessary to be the same. Just about trust and be a part of the other

It might not that easy, just seems a little bit easier than I expect how it should be!


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