Tàolao#5 Little things

Happiness is a choice, isn’t it? “Something” in my mind these days somehow makes me feel so up mood :). Then, tend to see little things around as little happiness and feel good about it

  1. Read a piece of funny love story from “It’s happened to be Vietnam”. He and she accidentally found out they read the same book, and they didn’t expect from each other this thing. “How can this muscle guy read this book? =))”
  2. Saw some spectacular photos from somewhere on Earth and it’s breathtaking mountain and lake view. Set it up as the screen photo to remind I want to be there someday!
  3. Accidentally know someone at work sharing the same interest with me. She always stays behind introvert-ly but is really good and put her heart at every she does.
  4. Accidentally see early sunlight through little green plants, making golden angle of light for a photo.
  5. The security guy starts practicing English by trying talking to me simple sentences.
  6. Everyone starts pay attention to the book corner I have set up in the hospital library and ask for some more books.
  7. When everyone already left the office, I start my #lifeafterwork, change clothes, change high heels to running shoes and heading to the gym next to the hospital with my fav songs from the mp3 player in the pocket. #Justrun #nothingelse
  8. Talking to really humorous doctors around. How can he consider himself “chronic handsome”? =)))))))))))
  9. Read someone’s blog from the very beginning to the most updated post. Refresh the wordpress reader page, just to looking forward to reading new blog post.
  10. Discover so many good songs recently



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