Tàolao#6 – There will be a day

There will be a day like this Saturday

Sitting at work at noon time, so many things to do but know nowhere to start first

And even do not want to start at all

Disagreeing with the way how some seniors (I means older in term of age…) do quality management projects and still being confused how to start the hard conversations. An elephant in the room!

Reading an employment news and starting considering. I love my job right now, have no thing to complain, but still feel missing something at workplace: a mentor? They give me advise, give me chances to learn, give me a bit deal of courage, but a true mentor at workplace is still missing…

Am I doing things people expect me to do? Not the thing I expect for myself?

Run around to take care of guest speakers, it took me almost 1 week doing logistic stuffs (feel a little bit nonsense), those businessman’s conversations sometimes make me asking myself “Is it true?”

My boss said I must be more “active” (he means extroverted, I guess) talking to new people, staying ready to connect around all the time, standing in front of the whole hospital to say about something (I will, but as long as I must be the one who understand what I am talking about the most, not translate/interpret from someone’s words…

Thinking: is it a signal of midlife crisis as people still talking about? Nah, just only 5 months, maybe not yet…


Or because of the series of books I’ve read recently Quiet, Minimalism lifestyles, Being mortal and How we die


Or just because I did not sleep well for the last 2 nights recently!


Or it’s weekend and I suppose to enjoy the stillness to really be recharged


Or I need someone to talk to but know no-one, know no-way to express all of these things properly! (Except for my crazy roommate but she already has her own crisis to go).



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