Love Always 2017 – Shane Filan

“I lay my love on you”, “My love” and “Fool Again” were the first three songs in my mom’s first mobile phone (since the phone memory was not enough space, I had to delete all files in that phone just for these 3 songs).

Listen to those songs day and night. Remember when I woke up very early in the morning, sat at the table next to the window, fresh wind blowing from the our small garden, still a little bit dark outside but I could feel the Sun were preparing to show up on time – those songs were played from the phone. Remember when I stayed up late at night, mom and dad were sleeping, rain outside, little kitty kept saying “gru gru” on my table messy with books and paper – those songs were played from the phone. Love those things unconsciously…


Grow up to leave my sweet home for high school, “Home” and “Flying without wings” … were songs saving me from unpreventable home sickness. Going to this city for college, “You raise me up”, ” Safe”, “I have a dream” …were in my phone all the time.

Sitting down, slowly, listening to those songs can make me feel how I used to feel through each stage of my life. Other songs might be in and out my playlist for a while but those songs are more than that! Cuz they come along with some kinds of memory.

Being at Shane’s concert is something that I have never dreamed of. It seems too short for me (maybe cuz I just cant get enough anyway). His life, his real love story, his songs, his voice… Oh Shane! You’re just born to sing for us 🙂 I am not gonna describe the concert in detail cuz you need to be there to sing along with him, to see him on stage and to be around by friends loving his voice, just like you. #goodfeeling

I haven’t got his new albums for recent years but I could say, from now on, Shane’s song continues to be a part of my life stage. His songs still keep Westlife spirit, but more experienced, more mature and more thoughts in the lyrics, at least to me. Hopefully, to someday, when I sit down with someone, playback those tracks and feel that this life is just something beautiful!

#Shane #my1stconcert



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