Me time

I have been a little bit weird these days.

Spending my 24 hours for working, running, family time, a little bit reading (less than usual)… and the rest for something that I have never felt before. But I thought it somehow related to… you? I feel so unsure abt everything.

Then, tonight, I decide to be back on the track. Turn up my fav romantic songs by Shane, fill my cup, lay back on the beanbag and stay thinking about nothing. Okay, let it be! See you later if we are meant to be.




  1. Một người chị khóa trên, tuy không tiếp xúc nhiều nhưng cũng có vài lần nói chuyện. Trong trí nhờ, chị là người lặng lẽ, ít nói nhưng lúc nào cũng chăm chú làm việc, hoạt động đoàn hội tận tâm. Bạn bè – anh chị em khóa trên khóa dưới quý mến. Chị đi du học, gia đình tận vùng xa. Đột ngột tin dữ, ba mẹ chị thậm chí không thể sang đón chị về với đất mẹ

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Tàolao#8 Listen to understand, not to reply


  1. My roommate talked about conflict conversations with her colleague at work for a while. Last night, she told me story about that colleague with more empathy and understanding, after a business trip spending together and more listening. Happy for her, happy for them and I also feel … well, I could say… happy 😀
  2. My big boss, at first, I thought he …. somehow, sometimes.. ew. Deciding to stay for a while, I keep observing and listening to him/to his conversation/during meetings… for 5 months (so far).  Then, for now, I feel just so right working here, with him, in this hospital (Still, nobody perfect, though :D)
  3.  Most of the things I’ve read about debating skill, people talk about how to express themselves and to be listened. Not much about how to listen. Yah, I know, we cannot just listen, we need to say, but in a proper manner, cant we? That would be great!
  4. Friends come to me for a talk. Most of the time, I used to think that I would be the one who would talk that talk (giving opinion, observation, advice or whatever words to say) or at least both/all of us would talk. But, overtime, it turns out that all I need to do is listening calmly, attentively with empathy for understanding, give them some words (just some words comforting their souls if they really need it), or just a hand to hold, an empathy glint to look at, a shoulder to rely on….

I am sorry if there was anytime I refused any conversation request from you all, in the past, just because at that time, I might felt not ready to listen. I would love to come back (if you still need me) when I can stay calmer with more empathy and really humble to listen to you with all my heart.

Just send me listening request, I would love to be there with you if I can prepare myself the state of  listening for understanding (I guess most of the time, nah)