#UNOwhut We’re YSEALI UNO 16

10pm, 24th Sep, we was picked up from the airport after 24-hour-flight. Sophie was the first student mentor I met. It was super cold outside, maybe because of the rain. I already missed home and felt so complicated. It was a mix of a little bit tiredness, also happiness and excitement because…. this was America, with amazing opportunities of which I even have never dare to dream before, worries and somehow stress because I thought I didn’t prepare myself well enough to join those talented young leaders… But, anyway, I was in America and I would do my best! *yay me*

I wish my writing can be better to describe how wonderful this trip is to me. Five weeks is just right enough for me to study something interesting, to make close friendships, to explore new land, to refresh myself and to bring those experiences back home, too. The following pieces of writing as my diary are just some highlight of this YSEALI program.Read More »